• UO Second Age Free Ultima Online Server Shard
    The Most Accurate Representation of the T2A Era!
    Since 2007 the Second Age team has been working towards it's goal to be the most accurate T2A experience.

Why Play Second Age?

The Most Authentic T2A Experience

Since the creation of Second Age in 2007, the number one goal has been to recreate the T2A era of Ultima Online's timeline.

There Is No Cash Shop

On UO Second Age, you will build your character(s) from the ground up. There is no cash shop or "pay to win" systems in place.

Classic UO Mechanics

The Second Age Era of UO was very popular due to it's mechanics. A ruthless, but creative sandbox of it's time!


Feel an unmatched power of nostalgia when you log into Second Age. You won't find any closer renditions of the second age experience.

Player Ran Events

Our community has been known for creating their own events. Everything from mage tournanments, to dungeon raids, to pirate battles, and even scavenger hunts!

Be Yourself!

Second Age doesn't cater to a single playstyle. PVPers, PVMers, crafters, and thieves are all welcomed here. Be the character you want to be!

What Our Players Are Saying

I think this is definitely the "real" UO that you are talking about. The best expansion out of all MMO's that I have played was UO:T2A. After Felucca/Trammel and the other stupid changes came... it wasn't the same.
St Drahcir
This is Ultima Online, exactly how I remember it! an Avatar
It's like going back to 1998. Thank you for letting me relive my childhood! Jhovall
Absolutely genuine! There's nothing more satisfying than the sound of a UO halberd killing your opponent. Hally Mage